How to fix a stuck Windows update?

How to fix a stuck Windows update?

Updates keep the operating system up to date and address many security and compatibility issues. They are installed automatically if you have not made any changes to the settings. But sometimes the installation progress stops at a certain percentage and remains on it, no matter how much you expect. We will find out the reasons why the Windows 10 update freezes at 0% and what to do to fix it.

Windows update stuck at 0 issue

Nowadays Windows 10 is a powerful operating system preferred by many users. But the system turned out to be rather crude and slightly unfinished, which is why a colossal number of errors occur in the process of working with it or during its installation.

Cases of total freezing of Windows 10 during the next update are not something fantastic. This happens quite regularly, as evidenced by the numerous angry messages on the relevant forums. As a rule, the user sees on the screen a certain percentage of the update, which freezes on some numbers. After that, nothing happens. But this annoying situation can be corrected, and in several effective ways at once. There are many mistakes and ways to solve such issues. First of all, everything depends on the stage at which the problem arose and it was accompanied by code.

Common reasons for the problem

Windows 10 shows the progress of the installation process: the value is in the range from 0% to 100%, and this value does not change in any way for a long time.

You may receive the following messages:

  • Configuring Windows Updates. Completed 0%. Do not turn off your computer.
  • Preparing to set up Windows. Do not turn off your computer.
  • We were unable to complete the updates. Cancellation of changes. Do not turn off your computer.

There can be many reasons to hang out for updates. In most cases, you will see an error code message “Windows update stuck at 0. This case can be caused by various reasons: the lack of disk space, or conflicts with the antivirus, faulty RAM, etc.

How to deal with it?

Several effective solutions can help you fix the problem and complete its installation:

  • Get rid of Windows Update file cache

Windows manages the cache folder where it downloads all updates. It is possible that after the update, the files are still there and Windows cannot install them because they were already installed.

  • Checking system files

Unfortunately, Windows Update Troubleshooter is not a panacea for all the “illnesses” associated with system freezing during the update. Very often, updates are not able to install correctly due to damage to system files. Therefore, it is recommended that you check Windows yourself for such errors. If damages are found, they will be automatically corrected.

  • Windows Update Troubleshooter

It is almost always sufficient to download the Windows Update Troubleshooter utility to fix any existing problems and freezes. This is an official program from Microsoft that quickly finds bugs related to Windows updates. There is no need to invent anything here. The utility is downloaded and then launched directly.

  • Self-installation of updates

If you do not trust the computer and Microsoft algorithms, then no one forbids installing OS updates manually. Oddly enough, it really helps. Then it is recommended to visit the official Microsoft portal, where you can always find the desired “update”. To do this, enter a unique number on the site in the form “KB1942051”. It all depends on the update that needs to be downloaded.

Author: Tyler Booth

Tyeler Booth [email protected]