How To Change Your Secure Data Room Provider

The protection of corporate information has always been of particular interest to businessmen. With the development of information technology, it becomes more and more difficult to protect confidential information from unauthorized access. In this regard, such a development for data protection appeared as a virtual data room.

The Importance of Secure Data Room Provider

Repositories should provide the ability to parameterize data on various grounds, for example, banking transactions during their analysis should be grouped by time of execution, by customers, by their volume in value terms, by counterparties, types of currencies, and other characteristics. The data must be presented in the repository in such a way as to enable their multidimensional analysis.

The most successful form of data representation, which will allow multidimensional parameterization and learn more about data rooms representation in the form of a multidimensional model. OLAP-systems are based on the concept of a hypercube, i.e. a multidimensional cube, in the cells of which the data necessary for analysis are stored.

Characteristic features of changing data provider are:

  • the process of targeting a specific consumer who is the recipient of products (services) – the main output;
  • consumer requirements, which are presented in the form of a separate set of characteristics that create the beginning of the process “entry into the process”;
  • the consumer’s order starts the process, and receiving the service (product) ends it;
  • the process is created by a set of interconnected and final works (the results of one work are the beginning of another, creating a chain of internal suppliers and consumers);
  • each of the works is usually performed by individuals or units; the unit may be involved in several processes;
  • processes are repeated in time.

The Way of Changing Your Secure Data Room Provider

The solution to changing your secure data room provider was found in the development of the data warehouse concept. The data warehouse does not store primary data, but in some way integrated data, which creates a basis for solving analytical problems and the operation of decision support systems. Follow the next steps to change your provider:

  1. Using your regular Internet connection, a special connection is established between your device and the VPN server – a VPN tunnel. 
  2. All transmitted and received data in this connection is encrypted. From now on, all your network activity is carried out through this tunnel, and not through the main channel of the provider, and you use the Internet as if from the VPN server itself, and not from your device.
  3. For your ISP, Wi-Fi network administrator, or attackers who scan traffic on Wi-Fi networks, all your network activity looks like one single connection to one single IP address. This is all that is available to them. What exactly happens inside this connection, they will not be able to find out, because they simply will not be able to penetrate “inside” this connection.

When internal IT departments agree to agree on the level of service delivery, the penalty for failure is usually a waste of time. It doesn’t make sense to fire employees who run the entire data center because the application processes request slowly. Businesses can transfer the application for installation on the servers of service providers, but the problem of measuring the metrics of the agreement on the level of service provision remains.

Author: Tyler Booth

Tyeler Booth [email protected]