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What do you need for good work on the computer and on the Internet? Basic components, like the PC itself and the necessary devices for it, a good system, a working Internet and … a reliable antivirus. In the world of information technology without antivirus is now nothing to do. So if you want to keep your computer safe, feel free by working with a computer, download a good antivirus. Pay attention to the Czech antivirus AVG. Why is it worth the attention?

Firstly, the European-quality antivirus is available for free, and secondly… However, there are many reasons and you can find everything below about this program.

AVG main features

To begin with, as an argument, we will mention that this antivirus quite often occupies top places in the ratings of the best security software. The program is popular with users in that it is easily customizable. AVG can be quickly installed on a computer, and the program does not affect its performance and speed. As for its functionality, the antivirus provides protection at two levels:

Computer protection. The anti-virus scans all malware in the time and immediately eliminates them. This applies to extortionists, rootkits, Trojans, etc.

Web and email security. Thus, the program protects the user and on the Internet. Anti-Virus blocks malicious sites and email attachments. Moreover, an unknown threat is thoroughly investigated by developers to enhance the effectiveness of the product. The program is regularly updated and improved so that the user does not need to constantly monitor this.

Multi-level protection for your computer

It is not so easy to deceive the AVG protection system, because it has several levels of verification. Suspicious files go through all these 5 stages, and if a positive result is immediately excluded from the list.

  • Polymorphic detection system. This option allows you to detect even the latest modifications of known viruses. The system is very effective against macro viruses and script viruses.
  • Signature detection system. At this level of protection, the program compares files with known virus definitions. Antivirus byte by byte performs this analysis and determines the type of infection.
  • Heuristic analysis system. At this stage, the objects are monitored for determination. The program traces the behavior of programs, reveals harmful properties, even with the fact that they are not listed in the database of signatures.
  • Behavioral analysis system. As the name implies, the program scans the behavior of programs. If during such an analysis it was revealed that the program is malicious, the antivirus blocks its further activity. To make it always effective, the developers improved it with the AI Detection technology. This machine learning, in response to which the program constantly receives updated data, coping with even the newest threats.
  • Detection of active malicious outbreaks. Thanks to improved collective learning technology, the program can identify new, current threats.

So, the program provides almost the latest protection against various threats, even if they are the most advanced.

Newest technologies

In addition to the above stages of scanning, antivirus supplemented by another new technology CyberCapture. This is a cloud scanning system, in which prismatic files are captured and transferred to regional storage. These files are then isolated and transferred to AVG Threat Labs for further study.

Why is AVG good?

Of course, each program has its drawbacks. But now we want to talk about the merits of the Czech antivirus. So, if you want an antivirus that:

  • protects the PC at 5 levels
  • does not slow down the system
  • even keeps track of the latest threats in real time
  • available for free
  • regularly updated

Then AVG is what you like. The program is available for download from the official website of the manufacturer.

Author: Tyler Booth

Tyeler Booth [email protected]