Is AVG Antivirus Good for 2020?

Is AVG Antivirus Good for 2020? - Post Thumbnail

Since Avast bought AVG, the quality of antivirus has improved greatly. One of the reasons for it was the use of Avast engines. However, some people still doubt the reliability factor. Is AVG good? It’s a popular question nowadays.

What does AVG offer now?

First of all, this antivirus offers simplicity. It’s a great choice for inexperienced users or people who prefer simple software they can easily navigate. Beginners are sure to find their ways around the program fast.

A powerful, beautifully-designed interface makes it very easy to access any feature and control malware protection in general. This is a simple and very convenient solution that displays five main modules. They are Computer, Web & Email, Hacker Attacks, Privacy, and Payments. Clicking on every module, a user can find easy access to the needed feature or tool. The main window also has a scan button.

Simplicity and user-friendliness are not the only things every user gets. One of the best parts of the software is the lightweight installation file. It takes a few seconds to unpack and install the software. During this process, users may even adjust certain settings or agree to the default options.

Other advantages of AVG Antivirus

  1. This program is very appealing due to the set of extra features that come as a part of the bundle. Even the free edition is very generous. It comes with ransomware and malware protection as well as download monitoring, email safety, and a safe browser. The latter reminds of Google Chrome a lot and is very easy to get used to. This browser comes with a password manager, an ad blocker, and a privacy cleaner.
  2. Premium versions have even more to offer. They bring webcam protection, a personal firewall, a file encryption tool, and some other features.
  3. AVG is an affordable solution. Considering one license can cover all the household devices, it seems even cheaper. Users on a tight budget are sure to benefit from the free edition.
  4. Unlimited coverage is also a great perk. A user needs only one account and the wanted subscription to secure multiple devices including kids’ iPads, laptops, etc.

Weak sides of the program

While the AVG Antivirus offers numerous advantages and multiple features, there is still room for improvement. First of all, the software still fails to detect some threats. The lack of 100% protection is a big disadvantage since some competitors offer better results.

Customer support

Users may reach professional assistance 24/7 via a live chat or phone. The experts will help resolve any occurring issues or answer the questions related to the software. Aside from that, AVG offers an extensive database of useful articles that cover the main problems or questions that can occur.

Those who want premium support may upgrade for $200 per year. This service will let them reach the team without queues, tickets or waiting. The users get a dedicated phone number that is reachable 24/7.


When choosing an antivirus, there are many factors one needs to account for. It’s not only about the compatibility and a selection of features. A person needs to be sure he can rely on the software and trust it with the device and personal information. Aside from protection, one should think about extra tools and features that bring more help and protection. Finally, it’s better to define the budget and find a trustworthy program that fits it.