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Why AirVPN is recommended?

AirVPN Netflix is the recommendation-worthy VPN service which offers everything the average user can expect from the VPN. It is reliable and fast, keeps no logs, uses the strong encryption, allows five concurrent connections, allows P2P sharing, offers different useful features, and it prevents hacker attacks, IPv6 and DNS leaks. Additionally, AirVPN Netflix offers the OpenVPN over the SSH and also OpenVPN over the SSL which mask OpenVPN making use of the encryption tools being invisible in some advanced firewalls. Those brutal techniques of censorship, monitoring, traffic shaping, and throttling can fail against the AirVPN Netflix which is exactly it is capable of going.


Since the AirVPN Netflix can bypass even a Great Firewall, it is the right VPN provider to countries that use the DPI methods of blocking the encryption tools, or in colleges and workplaces which use the strict firewalls. For people who choose to anonymize themselves, the interesting feature of it is over Tor and OpenVPN vice versa. When we compared avast vpn review and AirVPN we wass surprised. Basically, the first connect to the Tor network and have Tor IP address, after that to the AirVPN servers using AirVPN IP address as an end result. Essentially, this enables Clearnet browsing with the additional Tor layer as no access to the onion websites.


The performance is very well though it is a bit slow. In another scenario, you need to first connect to the AirVPN servers where you will then go to Tor network which allows one to access Darknet (.onion) and Clearnet (.com). Performance and speed are the best to Tor network. AirVPN Netflix manages to do some things that have greatly contributed to the loyal fan base. As a starter, service offers the highest level of privacy because it does not require personal information from the users or an email address. Using this aspect, being combined with the strict no log policy, it grants users the highest level of privacy when using this service.

Author: Tyler Booth

Tyeler Booth [email protected]